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Things you may want to know.

What can I expect from Counselling?

The first session will be an informal assessment. We will ask some questions about you and your difficulties so that we are able to help you focus on the main issues and how to work with them.


How much will it cost?

  • £40 per hour. Reductions for those on low income.
  • Couple counselling is £40 per hour but session may booked for 90 mins.
  • Supervision is generally £50 for 90 minutes.


How often will I need to have counselling and for how long?
Initially, weekly sessions are recommended, but 2 to 3 weekly after this is fine. Some people benefit from just 2 - 3 sessions. the average is 10 - 12.


Who will know?

I maintain confidentiality at all times. However, in exceptional circumstances if we believe your safety and/or the safety of others is at risk, we may have to break this. See BACP website for more details.


What sort of problems do I have to have? Is mine too trivial?

If it is affecting your life and wellbeing, it is not trivial.


What therapeutic model do you use?

I use various techniques and therapies including CBT and Mindfulness combined to suit you as an individual. 


What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a structured form of therapy which recognises the links between thoughts (cognitions) and the way we behave. GPs often recommend this method to their patients.  


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